The art of cooking
with foie gras


A delicacy from the South-West, foie gras is a par excellence produce in French culinary art.

Learn how to select your foie gras pieces and supervised by a chef from our Institute, prepare dishes of your own inspiration. Through the use of different cooking techniques, you’ll develop the confidence to create innovative, modern flavours and offer your customers contemporary dishes.

A must in French cuisine, foie gras is a timeless classic that can be constantly revisited. Refresh your menus by discovering new recipes and innovative combinations of flavours.

Duration: 3 days - 21 hours

Dates: from 12 to 14 November 2019

Number of participants: 8 to 10

Requirements: Experience in the world of culinary arts

Price: €1,260 including VAT / €1,050 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

  1. Foie gras selection and preliminary preparation
  2. Techniques of foie gras cuisine
  3. The art of innovative flavour matching
  4. Presentations that appeal to the eye and to the culture of creativity

Target students

This Foie gras cuisine programme is designed for kitchen managers, chefs, line chefs, and commis chefs.
Programme provided in French only.


  • The fundamentals of foie gras: the product and its origins.
  • Preliminary preparation: deveining, marinades and seasoning.
  • The different preparation techniques: traditional methods (poached, salted, terrine) and modern techniques (vacuum-packs).
  • Textures: mousse, crème brûlée, terrine.
  • Matching flavours and textures that go well with foie gras.
  • Innovation in the presentation of foie gras on the plate.