& Horizon


You are passionate about pastry and consider changing your career into this flourishing sector ?

The program Pâtisserie & Horizon will allow you to acquire fundamental knowledge, gestures, techniques and pastry work organisation.

Duration: 11 weeks - 390 hours (270 hours on site + 120 hours of e-learning)

Dates: from 31 January to 08 April 2022

Number of participants: 6 to 8

Price: €9,792 including VAT / €17,750 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

  • Acquire the fundamentals of the French pastry
  • Master basic techniques of French bakery
  • Learn to respect hygiene rules and to optimize the organisation of the workstation
  • Learn the vocabulary and the technology knowledge on products
  • Assimilate the fundamentals of cost management tied to pastry & bakery production

Target students

This programme is designed for adults looking to achieve their career change in pastry and aiming to: work in a boutique or in a bakery/pastry, integrate a pastry team in a restaurant or hotel, open or recover a tea salon, launch of a home-based pastry activity.

Programme provided in French only.


  • Pastry practical classes
  • Bakery practical classes
  • E-learning + pastry and bakery technology classes
  • Operational management module
  • Trends, volume and shape drawing module
  • HACCP training

Learning goals

  • Read and understand a technical specification sheet
  • Organise the workstation by respecting hygiene and safety rules
  • Execute basic pastry products and technical specification sheets
  • Make and bake traditional mixtures
  • Make and bake doughs and creams
  • Make basic decoration
  • Set up and present pastry preparations
  • Understand fermentation reactions
  • Shape bread and viennoiserie
  • Produce basic bakery recipes
  • Know how to create, make and present a creative colourful and gastronomic pastry collection, inspired by fashion trends and other universes