Deli  is experiencing a “comeback” with a return to the values ​​of terroir and quality local products. A specific know-how of delicatessen caterers that more and more chefs would love to have.

Sébastien Charretier

Head Chef, Instructor & Consultant at Institut Paul Bocuse

Duration: 5 days-35 hours

Dates: From October 10th to 14th 2022

Number of participants: 6 to 10

Requirements: Experience in the world of culinary arts

Price: €1,992 including VAT/€1,660 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

  1. Discover the multitude of products that make up the range of traditional deli
  2. Offer delicatessen products with an authentic and rustic taste
  3. Master the fundamental techniques of delicatessen (marinating, chopping, salting, embossing, cooking)
  4. Modernize and enhance the cold cuts on the plate
  5. Provide a qualitative and attractive offer for a group request, seminar or other mass event
  6. Be aware of the economic ratio, and the development of this offer in different forms (boutique, delicatessen, subcontracting)

Target audience

This programme is designed for kitchen managers, chefs, line chefs, and commis chefs.
Programme provided in French only.


  • A week centered around the major product families and fundamental techniques.
  • Theoretical contributions and technology applied to meat products.• HACCP and conservation legislation
  • Preparation of recipes with pork, veal, duck …
  • Examples of recipes: Foie gras, Meat-based terrines, Pâté de foie, Pâté en croute, Rillettes, Sausages, Sausages and bardin bag, White pudding and black pudding, Galantine, Grattons and Pompes, Pâté de tête, Parsley ham, Caillettes