Authentic French cuisine


With a specific focus on produce and cooking skills, this course will give you a unique insight into the classic French dishes.

Using only the best quality traditional ingredients, we’ll introduce you to the world-famous recipes that have been at the heart of authentic French cuisine for generations.

At the end of a course that blends tradition with contemporary aspects, you’ll be ready to put into practice the essentials of world-renowned French cooking with your own innovative touch.

Jean-Paul Naquin

Chief trainer & consultant at Institut Paul Bocuse

Duration: 5 days - 35 hours

Dates: from 25 to 29 November 2019

Number of participants: 8 to 10

Requirements: Experience in the world of culinary arts

Price*: €2,175 including VAT / €1,813 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

  1. Perform preliminary techniques on fish, molluscs, crustaceans and meats
  2. Make culinary preparations from a selection of products
  3. Achieve different cooking modes adapted to quality products
  4. Being able to know how to analyse flavors, cooking, seasonings

* If you combine the Authentic French cuisine and Contemporary cuisine programmes, the total cost is €4,050 including VAT.

Target students

This competency development programme is designed for kitchen managers, chefs, line chefs, and commis chefs.
Programme provided in English.


  • A week centered around the major product families and fundamental techniques.
  • Recipes and techniques of mythical appetiser.
  • Work around raw and cooked foie gras, cold and hot – garnishes, side dishes and condiments.
  • The truffle soup, duck pie Roanne, soufflé…
  • Cooking around the great classics of French gastronomy around fish, shellfish: roasting, cooking at right temperature, braising, poaching Red mullet, crayfish, pike, salmon, scallops…
  • Implementation of sauces (Armorican, Nantes butter…).
  • Dressage and presentation technique.
  • Classic trimmings