Advanced wine skills
for restaurants


Promoting wine in a restaurant to increase the average cost of meals is an important profitability lever.

The module on wine expertise for restaurants provides you with the essentials of sommellerie to ensure your clients a good-quality wine service.

By the end of the programme your wine literacy will include how to serve it and how to deliver the pitch that sells it.

- 18 hours: 6x3-hour sessions or 3x6-hour sessions

Dates: - April 28th / May 7th / May 12th / May 26th / June 2nd / June 11th 2020 (6x3-hour sessions)
- From June 15th to 17th 2020 (3x6-hour sessions)

Number of participants: 8 to 10

Requirements: Experience in wine or catering

Price: €940 including VAT / €784 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

  1. Wine knowledge and basic tasting techniques
  2. The rules of promoting and selling wine
  3. Serving wine by the glass

Target students

This programme is designed for restaurant waiters and those in charge of promoting and selling wines.
Programme provided in French only.


  • Wine knowledge and basic tasting techniques.
  • The vine and the terroir to enhance wine presentation.
  • Specific wine-making methods.
  • Different types of wine, how to serve them and match them with dishes.
  • Wine ageing process and specific techniques.
  • Wine vocabulary to convince the customer.
  • The modern practice of serving wine by the glass.
  • Designing wine information sheets.
  • Wine ratios and profit margins at the restaurant.

A learning programme created and dispensed by Laurent Derhé, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2007, in association with Institut Paul Bocuse.