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Healthy Cooking

Institut Paul Bocuse
Executive education

Our Executive Education Centre presents you its healthy cooking techniques program. A training created for food service professionals in order to answer the current and growing needs of our society regarding health and nutrition.

Stake: offer to your clients a balanced yet tasty menu

Teaching goals:

  • Elaborate broths, juices, perfumed oils and waters with low fats
  • Use adapted cooking techniques to preserve the nutritional properties of food
  • Master binding, combining and product replacement techniques

Program: use of sous-vide technique, gluten and butter substitution, reduction of saturated fat ..

Duration: 5 days

Dates: 2nd – 6th March 2020

Programme provided in French only.

The Chef

Through 30 years of culinary experiences Jean-Paul Naquin built his career in France and at the international by working in prestigious hotels and restaurants abroad : at Jacques Chibois and Michel Guérard in France, at the Peninsula Hotel in New York, at the Sheraton in Hong Kong and Beijing, at the Shangri-La in Jakarta, at the Bural Arab in Dubai…

Since 2010 the Chef has joined the Institut Paul Bocuse as trainer to convey his expertise, knowledge and skills to the students and the professionals in training.