Career retraining, a successful move!

Institut Paul Bocuse
Executive education

Our two career retraining programmes Restaurant chef and owner and Starting-up and managing your own restaurant now both result in professional qualifications officially listed in the Registre National de la Certification Professionnelle (RNCP).

This brings us to our ultimate goal of being able to offer learners the chance to obtain a professional qualification that’s recognised by the Ministry of Labour. That goal was reached on 4 January this year with the publication of the “Journal Officiel” announcement that our two professional reorientation programmes had made the grade.

The Restaurant chef and owner level 4 professional qualification (high school diploma equivalent) can be achieved via an intensive “Cuisine & Horizon” 8-week programme covering the fundamentals of cuisine and the culinary arts, with 14 hours devoted to chain-restaurant hygiene and licencing.

As for the 16-week Starting-up and managing your own restaurant programme (cuisine, culinary arts, management and entrepreneurship, in association with CCI Formation Lyon), it leads to the qualification of level 6 (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree).

The decision of the CNCP commission was taken only after an in-depth analysis of our learners’ experience and the consistency of their competencies at the end of the programmes over the last three years.
Indeed, 70% of our learners remain on their reorientation path to pursue their chosen profession of passion. By committing themselves to the hospitality industry, at the average age of 41, they have made a major life choice, completely reinventing their lives and those of their families.

The professions of the hospitality sector offer a host of work opportunities and create new positions. Besides high standards and hard work, they demand passion and commitment. The road to career retraining may seem difficult, but people with the necessary maturity and determination will make it a success.