"A few months ago I won the C-CAP competition, organized by Chef Daniel Boulud in his restaurant DANIEL in New York. He gave me the opportunity to participate in this program. Thanks to his scholarship my dream comes true. I had always wanted to study in France since my first cooking experience when I was 15. At the Institut Paul Bocuse, as the professional training program is called, it is very intensive ! Among the three themes included in the Intensive CULINARY program, I really enjoy the “Contemporary cuisine” with Chef Vincent Fleury because he gave me the tools to create my own way of cooking. It is more precise and controlled for me now. Strong basis in traditional French cooking are transmitted and allow you to really have fun in the kitchen, with different techniques, styles and methods. Intensive, immersive and fun !”
Yvan Lemoine, Chef at New York (USA)

"I have been in the cooking industry since I was 16. I have been working as a private chef for over 5 years, mostly on super yachts all around the world. In that environment you always have to push yourself. I choose to participate in this program because I just wanted to learn better myself, I love France and French cuisine. So, why better way to do it than learn from the best school for me? The Intensive CULINARY program had exceeded all my expectations, it is very professional and the products that we use are amazing, as I work all around the word it is important for me to know product identifications. For those who really appreciate French culture, Institut Paul Bocuse is the better way to do that. The knowledge that I get from the Chefs are unique and very useful. Good products, chef knowledge and equipments."
Ginger Sweet, International Private Chef

"I heard about the Intensive CULINARY Program in the Institut Paul Bocuse thanks to the French Chef Daniel Boulud. Before coming, I was very open to opportunities and to see the French culture that I dreamed about. Here, everything is structured and very organized, I like the influence of all of part of France and countries aboard that Chefs teach us. They are amazing, they take the time to answer to all our questions, even email and phone call after class. I like also to meet new people from other countries, I have friends from all over the world now!"
James, Sous-chef in Miami (USA)

"5 weeks for this program, it is the perfect time to learn new techniques and new recipes. My first impression was very good, I liked the atmosphere of the school. We all have a very different and strong characters and everybody is very motivated, we all want to achieve a lot. At the end of the program, I achieve all my expectations and I received a lot of new ideas which I think that will help me for the future. Also, I met a lots of good friends!" 
Nathalia, Private Chef in Moscow (Russia)

"I started cooking when I was 16 but this is the first time in my whole life I had such an amazing experience. Behind the opportunity of cooking with chefs, you also met people from all over the world. It was the first time I left the USA, and I was so surprised to see how many nationalities were blended in this program. This professional and intensive experience could not be the same without chefs helping us to realize more than our potential. The large knowledge I acquired from cleaning to new culinary techniques is a real teaching. I will keep in mind these beautiful moments I spent in Lyon."

Cesar, Sous Chef - East Elmhurst (USA)

"I had a great experience during the Intensive CULINARY Program. This unbelievable place mixed to the transmission of the passion’s chefs about the cuisine and French products made this experience above my expectation. It is very pleasant to feel so much kindness and chefs understanding every culture present in this program. I enjoyed each minute I spent at the Institut Paul Bocuse, and I wish I could live awesome experience again."
Clezia Sao Paolo, Private Chef - Sao Paolo (Brazil)

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