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Intensive PASTRY Program

Intensive Pastry Program

The Intensive PASTRY Program is designed for Chefs who have pastry expertise gained through working in this specialty in restaurants or confectioners that work in pastry shops in the hotel/restaurant industry.

This program is delivered by Jérôme Langillier, World Champion Pastry Chef 2009, a passionate Pastry Chef with his own unique personal culinary identity, who has led a diverse career with experience in a pastry boutique, a Michelin starred restaurant and as a special events caterer.

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Intensive Pastry Program
Mignardises, plateal desserts, the classics revisited, snacks and cakes, chocolate and confectionary… Master all the subtleties of pastry making at the highest level.

The main objective: to develop your knowledge of innovative recipes and products and to acquire practical, hands-on experience.

With methods that emphasize tasting and sharing of ideas, the Intensive PASTRY Program offers you the opportunity to perfect your skill and diversify your competencies.

Product understanding, experimentation with recipes, the creation of new flavors... you will learn all the inside secrets. You’ll be better able to anticipate and satisfy your customers’ expectations.

PASTRY Expertise

Specialization Pastry and Baking

LenôtreBuilding on their strong expertise in the world of gastronomy, recognized worldwide,
Institut Paul Bocuse and École Lenôtre have joined forces to offer this intensive Pastry Expertise program. This program includes three weeks of instruction at École Lenôtre (Paris) and offers a new vision
of the profession for the world of tomorrow.

Pastry is evolving and modernizing internationally in terms of shapes, taste combinations and products. Today’s profession requires sophisticated technique, high-performance technological equipment, and boundless creativity. From the traditional to the innovative, today’s gourmet delights are the products of small and medium enterprises featuring artisanal craftsmanship (pastry shops, caterers, hotels, restaurants, etc.) and large-scale industrialized production (airline catering, cruise catering, etc.).

In today’s marketplace, every consumer, regardless of personal taste or dietary constraint, should be able to enjoy pastry and dessert with every meal.

This truly unique and highly technical Pastry Expertise program:
  • combines tradition with design and creativity enabling students to revisit the grand classics
  • addresses issues relating to health, nutrition and balanced diets in order to create an offer that meets the needs of consumers and their particular tastes
  • encompasses a new curricular approach for France highlighting pastries of the world and the different cultures of taste in desserts, through the guidance and expertise of our international pastry chefs.

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Two 15-week semesters


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