Validation of the Acquisition of Experience


What is the VAE?

The VAE, Validation of the Acquisition of Experience, allows French education institutions to grant a degree based partly or totally on work experience.

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Institut Paul Bocuse offers two level II degrees as well as a level I degree according to the French Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles, accessible through the VAE.
1- Bachelor’s degree in International Hotel & Foodservice Management (level II)
2- Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management (level II)
3- MSc in International Hospitality Management (level I)


Can you apply for a degree through the VAE?

Yes, if you can justify one year of supervised professional experience in line with degrees proposed by Institut Paul Bocuse. You may apply for a VAE degree regardless of whether or not you are currently employed, a freelancer, or a volunteer. There is also no age limit and you do not need to provide an initial degree or diploma.


What are steps to obtaining a degree through the VAE?

If your initial application is accepted by IPB, you must complete the work portfolio n#2* that clearly describes your professional experience. You will then present your work history to a jury consisting of instructors from IPB.
*This portfolio is an essential step in obtaining your degree; please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with it.

Depending on the competencies you have demonstrated, the jury will grant you all or part of your desired degree. If only part of the degree is validated, the acquired modules are for life. You will then be able to carry out additional training, or acquire a new experience, in order to later present the remaining modules to be validated.

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