Towards competence optimization

Our continuing education center hosts thousands of professionals who want to broaden their culinary and managerial skills. We develop tailor-made programs in order to meet the specific needs of companies.


The experts-trainers at Institut Paul Bocuse identify and understand the issues met by professionals in the hotel industry, food service, the culinary arts, the agro-foods industry and the professions of hospitality. The Institut therefore offers to develop the competencies of each co-worker, personalized or "à la carte" formula, by stimulating their creativity and motivation through redefining their role and a new vision of their profession on a daily basis.

A springboard to a new future
The customized training given by the Institut Paul Bocuse is adapted to each professional circle (teaching, training, mass consumption products, luxury services, hotels, traditional restaurant dining, group food service, gastronomy, etc...) and meets the needs of an individual or team.
The objective of this accompaniment is to place the professionals in competence-raising dynamics allowing them to analyze the situation in order to better adapt to changes in their profession, by developing their sense of service. 
Institut Paul Bocuse also accompanies professionals undergoing change through a process that anticipates trends and evolutions in their professions allowing them to surpass new major milestones in their careers.

The Validation of the Assets of Experience gives access to professional certification (degree or title) through the recognition of the competencies developed through various experiences.
In the framework of an individual or group initiative, Institut Paul Bocuse enables professionals to obtain the Title of international general manager: hotel and restaurant (level I), the Title of international hotel and restaurant manager (level II) or the Title of gastronomic cuisine and restaurant manager (level II).

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